THUMBS UP [All-Purpose Surface Cleaner - Stain Remover & Deodorizer]

With Share's THUMBS UP, every cleaning job turns out "all right." This oxygen-based powder cleans up tough soils, removes heavy stains and even eliminates foul odors. Best of all THUMBS UP works on virtually any surface. Use it on fabrics, plastics, fiberglass, porcelain, ceramics, wood, concrete, glass, carpet, canvas, rubber and metal. THUMBS UP is so versatile, you can use it indoors and outdoors for residential or commercial use. For example, THUMBS UP easily cleans off dirt and grime from your vehicles, safely removes stains from clothing and even eliminates set-in odors from kitchen cutting boards. Plus, THUMBS UP is also simple to use. It quickly dissolves in warm water and is easily applied with a trigger sprayer, cloth or brush. It's compatible with household detergents so there's no worry of dangerous fumes developing. Best of all, THUMBS UP is non-toxic and won't harm the environment. So try Share's THUMBS UP. You can clean just about anything without barely lifting a finger!


  • Special oxygen-based formula easily cleans up dirt and soil, removes tough stains and eliminates harsh, foul odors.
  • Safe on most surfaces - fabrics, plastics, glass, porcelain, ceramic, wood, concrete, etc.
  • Quickly dissolves in warm water.
  • Non-toxic formula will not harm the environment.
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