Coil Cleaner & Degreaser

Hygroscopic Coil Cleaner

When delicate refrigeration coils or heating units need to be cleaned but you can't afford the downtime to wash them, use COIL CLEANER & DEGREASER from Share. Spray it onto coils, fins or tubes while your equipment is still running. Grease, oil, dirt and dust become suspended and are easily and safely washed away. COIL CLEANER & DEGREASER beads up dirt particles, which are then simply rinsed away with a hose. If rinsing is impractical on refrigeration units, COIL CLEANER & DEGREASER causes dirt and oil to roll off with condensation as it builds up and drains to the collection pan. When sprayed onto air conditioning filters, it not only increases filtration capacity, it traps dust in a thin film, making cleaning filters easy and efficient. For an efficient coil cleaner that also increases operation efficiency, get COIL CLEANER & DEGREASER from Share.


  • Contains no harsh acids or other coil damaging ingredients.
  • Combines alkaline cleaners with wetting, penetrating and suspending agents.
  • Works hygroscopically - it draws water from the air to trap dirt in condensation droplets.
  • Safe for use on copper, steel and aluminum coils and fins.
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