Static Free Towels

Anti-Static Office Cleaner Towels

Avoid costly data loss from electronics by eliminating static electricity with Share's STATIC FREE TOWELS. Each canister contains towels pre-moistened with a liquid solution which neutralizes static electricity. Simply tear a towel from the handy canister and thoroughly wipe down surfaces. That's all it takes to neutralize static discharge. By eliminating static electricity, STATIC FREE TOWELS also help avoid dust from collecting onto surfaces. Electronics stay cleaner longer. Plus, the special formula used on STATIC-FREE TOWELS sanitizes surfaces to prevent germs from spreading through the workplace. Protect yourself and your office from static, dust, and germs with Share's STATIC FREE TOWELS.


  • Liquid solution on pre-moistened towels neutralizes static electricity to avoid data loss from electronics.
  • Eliminating static electricity helps prevent dust from collecting on office equipment.
  • Ideal for use on LCD screens, computers, fax machines, phones, copiers, printers, etc.
  • VOC compliant anti-static towel.
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