FREE TABS [Air Conditioner Treatment]

Don't let dust and residue inhibit the performance of your air conditioning units. Use FREE TABS from Share and you'll see an improved difference in your air conditioner's output. These tablets are placed into the drain pan at the furthest point from the drain hole. If there is more than one drain pan, use the one nearest the source of the condensed water. FREE TABS start working immediately upon placement in the pans. As they are activated, they begin to prevent and remove accumulations of silt, bacteria, algae and rust which block drain openings and lines. With the elimination of these impurities, FREE TABS also eliminates stale odors created by bacteria. Free your air conditioners of problem soils and microorganisms with FREE TABS from Share.


  • Made with special bactericides, dispersing agents and corrosion inhibitors.
  • Guaranteed safe for all component materials in the equipment and piping.
  • Eliminates the need for damaging acid clean-outs of air conditioning components usually required on a yearly basis.
  • Prevents and removes accumulation of scum, sludge, silt and rust which block drainopenings and lines.
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