Sweeping Compound Oil-Based

Treated Pine Sawdust

The easiest way to sweep a floor is to throw down sawdust before you start sweeping. Unfortunately, sawdust from most woods tend to scratch floors. Share took sawdust to a new level with our OIL-BASED SWEEPING COMPOUND. By taking natural pine tree shavings and treating them with a special oil-based chemical, Share has taken sawdust to a new level. Pine shavings were selected because it is a soft wood and won't scratch floors when swept across them. The oil additive was specially chosen for its high dust-capturing quotient. Just sprinkle a handful of OIL-BASED SWEEPING COMPOUND on one side of the room and sweep. Dust and other fine particles are drawn to the sawdust and held tight by the oil-based compound. Before you pull out the broom and scatter dust and dirt into the air, sprinkle some OIL-BASED SWEEPING COMPOUND from Share on your floors first. It may make your floors a bit dirtier, but the result is a far cleaner floor that shines.


  • Pine sawdust treated with high-grade oil for a soft but effective sweeping compound.
  • Will not spot, stain, scratch or injure most resilient floor surfaces.
  • Contains no water or sand which may harm the finish of your floor.
  • For use on a variety of floor surfaces and finishes.
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Floor Care
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