Triumph Wipes

Multi-Purpose Cleaning and Degreasing Wipes

TRIUMPH WIPES are durable yet soft cleaning & degreasing towels that are gushing with pure cleaning power! They are strong and can tackle the toughest cleaning & degreasing jobs like removing: Grease, oil, tar, wax, ink, sap, resin, adhesives, paint, bugs, and more! They work great on steel, aluminum, wood, glass, rubber, chrome, fiberglass, and all water-safe surfaces. And yes of course they are fantastic for cleaning & degreasing - HANDS and ARMS! They work fast & easy and will not irritate your skin!





  • Over-loaded with a pure citrus fresh scent.
  • Soft, non-abrasive, non-scratching durable wipes.
  • Fast drying and leaves no residue.
  • No rinsing necessary.
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