SPRAY-N-GO [One-Step - No Scrub Shower Cleaner]

Share's SPRAY-N-GO makes cleaning showers an easy one-step process. Just mist down showers with SPRAY-N-GO and walk away. Immediately, several cleaners and surfactants begin to dissolve away soap scum, hard water deposits, iron and stains. After a few weeks of use, heavy buildup is completely removed. Once shower surfaces are completely clean, daily use of SPRAY-N-GO prevents further buildup of grime and other soils. SPRAY-N-GO causes water to immediately sheet and runoff of treated surfaces. SPRAY-N-GO is safe for use on a variety of shower materials such as porcelain, tile, plastic, glass, terrazzo, rubber, corian, fiberglass, chrome, grout and many others. Cleaning showers has never been easier. With Share's SPRAY-N-GO, just spray and walk away!


  • Daily use prevents further buildup of grime.
  • One-step spray eliminates the need to scrub, wipe, squeegee or rinse shower surfaces.
  • Non-toxic formula removes soap scum, hard water deposits, iron and stains without the use of bleach.
  • VOC compliant and Designated Green Product.
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Designated Green
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