Plastic Tile & Shower Cleaner

Tile & Grout Cleaner

It's easy to spot bathrooms that are cleaned with PLASTIC TILE & SHOWER CLEANER. Sinks sparkle, tiles gleam and chrome fixtures are free of mineral deposits. Just give it a few pumps and a foaming, aqueous blend of deep penetrating acids quickly separate dirt and filth from hard, non-porous surfaces. PLASTIC TILE & SHOWER CLEANER dissolves rust, soap scum and stubborn mineral deposits. Without any strenuous scrubbing, simply use a clean rag and wipe up any waste and residue. It will not scratch or dull soft, delicate surfaces because it does not contain harsh abrasives. Plus, PLASTIC TILE & SHOWER CLEANER won't cause streaking. So rid your bathroom of every trace of dirt and soap scum with PLASTIC TILE & SHOWER CLEANER from Share.

  • Special applicator produces an explosive foaming action.
  • Detergents, foaming additives and stabilizers vigorously attack stains and lime deposits.
  • Hard water deposits, including calcium carbonate, rinse away with ease.
  • VOC compliant bathroom and tile cleaner.
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