Window Glass Cleaner Concentrate

Economical Concentrate

WINDOW GLASS CLEANER CONCENTRATE powers away greasy smudges, dried on dirt, water spots, and other tough cleaning jobs on all glass surfaces, windows, shelves, tabletops, mirrors, and more. Whether at full strength or diluted, just fill a spray bottle full of WINDOW GLASS CLEANER CONCENTRATE and squirt onto soiled surfaces. Smudges, dirt, grease and dulling smoke films are eliminated with a simple wipe of a rag. When you want to make things perfectly clear, spray them with WINDOW GLASS CLEANER CONCENTRATE from Share.


  • Formulated with special dust repelling agents to keep surfaces cleaner longer.
  • Higher dilution rates can be used to prevent ice buildup on windshields in winter.
  • Contains no abrasive, waxy, or oily substances that scratch or streak.
  • VOC compliant glass cleaner.
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