COMMODORE [Non-Butyl Multi-Purpose Detergent]

When delicate equipment requires a thorough but light washing, you need a gentle cleaner. For a mild detergent that can take on the tough jobs, you can count on COMMODORE Non-Butyl Multi-Purpose Detergent from Share. This special cleaner has the strength to remove soils, yet it's mild enough to keep sensitive equipment or painted surfaces safe from harm. With just a little light rubbing or scrubbing, COMMODORE quickly produces a generous amount of suds that lift and float away grime, dirt, soils, oil, grease deposits and even tar. With COMMODORE Non-Butyl Multi-Purpose Detergent from Share, you'll have a detergent that's soft on surfaces but tough on grime.


  • Special alkaline degreasing additives lift tough soils for easy removal.
  • Versatile formula provides cleaning for a wide range of applications including floors, walls, vinyl and Formica.
  • Contains no solvents, butyl, alcohols or harsh caustics that may produce offensive odors or irritating fumes.
  • NSF Registered for use to clean all surfaces in inedible processing areas, nonprocessing areas, and/or exterior areas of food processing establishments.
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