Bowl/Tile/Porcelain Cleaner

Phosphoric Acid Bathroom Cleaner

Made with a highly effective combination of 20% phosphoric acid and ultra-thick detergents, Share's BOWL/TILE/PORCELAIN CLEANER easily cuts through heavy soils and grime including hard mineral deposits. While formulated with very powerful ingredients, BOWL/TILE/PORCELAIN CLEANER will not harm clothing or the surfaces it cleans. It can be safely used on a variety of fixtures and materials such as toilet bowls, urinals, drinking fountains, wash basins, shower stalls, bathtubs, chrome, porcelain enamel as well as ceramic/quarry tile and grout. Best of all, BOWL/TILE/PORCELAIN CLEANER leaves behind a pleasant cherry fragrance that leaves rest rooms and other areas smelling clean and fresh. When ordinary rest room cleaners don't cut it, get Share's BOWL/TILE/PORCELAIN CLEANER for complete rest room cleaning.

  • Contains 20% phosphoric acid.
  • Use at full strength to clean toilets and urinals, or dilute 3 to 1 with water for other fixtures.
  • Removes rust, lime, organic deposits, and other offensive odors.
  • Deodorizes rest rooms and other areas with the pleasant scent of cherry.
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