COMMANDER [Ultra Heavy Duty Cleaner Concentrate]

When you need a surface degreaser with muscle, use COMMANDER from Share. Potassium hydroxide, surfactants and butyl were carefully selected and blended for their powerful cleaning abilities. Unlike conventional cleaners, COMMANDER is specifically designed to wedge beneath grease and dirt and lift these deposits from porous surfaces. This concentrated cleaner allows you to economically dilute for a variety of uses. However, on difficult grime and stains, use it straight and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing. Remove difficult filth with the industry's leading cleaner - COMMANDER from Share.


  • Contains extra heavy builders and degreasers including several alkanolamides.
  • Soluble in water, making it feasible for use on aluminum and other delicate surfaces.
  • Penetrates and cleans hard, porous surfaces such as metal, concrete and brick.
  • Removes greases, grime, fats, waxes and smoke deposits.
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