Grease Breaker

Powerful Alkaline Cleaner

When dirty pots and pans won't come clean with ordinary detergents, you need to pound out impenetrable stains and food soils with GREASE BREAKER from Share. It's a powerful cleaner with the necessary characteristics and capabilities to pervasively cut through grease as well as chisel away baked on food waste. GREASE BREAKER uses a series of exceptional alkaline ingredients that break down your worst grease and crust build-ups to restore kitchenware to its original silvery shine. Use it on a variety of surfaces without the worry of leaving an unsightly residue. So use a cleaner that destroys tough carbon and food deposits. Get GREASE BREAKER from Share.


  • Special cleaners include grease dissolvers and rinse additives.
  • Recommended for cafeterias, restaurants, bakeries, food processing plants, hotels, etc.
  • Use on countertops, grills and tables to eliminate grease, grime and stains.
  • Apply at full strength or dilute depending upon the severity of the job.
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