DE-SCALE ULTRA [Concentrated Acid Replacement Cleaner]

How do you make DE-SCALE, Share's revolutionary acid-replacement cleaner, even more effective? First, you increase the concentration of active ingredients by nearly three times the original formulation. Next, you add additional thickening agents to intensify the cleaning power and further increase the product's dwell and cling time. What you end up with is DE-SCALE ULTRA, the latest and strongest alternative to dangerous acid cleaners from Share. Despite all the improvements and the increase in cleaning power, DE-SCALE ULTRA is still as safe as dish soap to both humans and the environment. DE-SCALE ULTRA was designed to meet the stringent demands of the concrete care industry. Use DE-SCALE ULTRA to clean and etch concrete surfaces. It also removes rust, heavy scale and water deposits from concrete trucks. Improve the appearance of your concrete driveways and loading zones, and clean concrete trucks faster and safer with DE-SCALE ULTRA from Share.


  • The "Ultra" formulation features an increased concentration of active ingredients designed to meet the stringent demands of the concrete care industry, yet it's still completely biodegradable and environmentally safe.
  • Enhanced with added thickening agents for stronger cleaning action and increased dwell time.
  • Removes rust, oil stains and other long-standing heavy soils from concrete with very little effort.
  • A VOC compliant general purpose cleaner and a Designated Green Product means it is safe for the environment.
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Designated Green
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