Soap & Scum Remover

Non-Acid Bowl Cleaner

Scrubbing toilets and urinals can be a difficult and unpleasant job. There's one product that will relieve you of this duty. SOAP & SCUM REMOVER from Share is a strong and versatile cleaner designed to leave urinals, toilets, marble, terrazzo - even carpet - fresh and clean. With a special blend of cleaning agents, it attacks uric acid salts, organic waste, rust, salt, scale, lime, hard water deposits and stains that are associated with lavatory waste materials. SOAP & SCUM REMOVER is strong enough to eliminate these tough soil problems, yet is safe to use. It contains no acids so it can be handled safely by employees and personnel when cleaning. Plus, an added fresh outdoor scent leaves bathrooms smelling clean and pleasant. When your porcelain requires a heavy-duty scrubbing formula that's safe on hands and skin, get SOAP & SCUM REMOVER from Share.


  • Biodegradable formula contains no phosphoric acids or any forms of phosphates.
  • Also effective on drinking fountains, shower walls, bath tubs and swimming pools.
  • Emits no caustic or harmful fumes.
  • Will not burn or harm clothing, uniforms, stockings, etc.
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