Organic Acid Detergent

Phosphoric Acid Scale Remover

ORGANIC ACID DETERGENT is a concentrated, phosphoric acid cleaner used to safely remove lime and scale buildup from surfaces. It chemically chisels off deposits that commonly buildup on sensitive machinery without dangerous fumes or offensive odors. Simply spray or brush a solution of water and ORGANIC ACID DETERGENT onto caked components. Lime quickly begins to breakdown and becomes ready to wash away with a simple cold water rinse in only a few minutes. ORGANIC ACID DETERGENT is a multipurpose cleaner that can be used in a parts bath or sprayed on parts to safely remove deposits from delicate equipment. ORGANIC ACID DETERGENT also cleans and brightens acid resistant porcelain surfaces including sinks, urinals and toilets. When problems with scale deposits are weighing heavily on your mind, get rid of them with ORGANIC ACID DETERGENT from Share.


  • Safely removes heavy lime and scale buildup.
  • Cleans without the fumes and other hazards of strong acids.
  • Concentrated formula can be used at full strength or diluted.
  • VOC compliant.
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