GREEN CLEAN [9.5% Acid Bowl Cleaner]

GREEN CLEAN is a fast-acting, two phase bowl cleaner that powers through hard water stains (lime/scale), uric acid salts, rust stains and a variety of other discolorations. This two-phase special formulation system turns the cleaner from green to blue after the chemical agents have exhausted themselves, taking all the guess work out of cleaning. GREEN CLEAN is safe on most porcelain, ceramic, glass, stainless steel, chrome, brass and similar metal and plastic surfaces. Use GREEN CLEAN to leave behind a clean and disinfected surface with a fresh floral scent.


  • Safe on most acid-resistant surfaces.
  • Will not harm the bacterial action of septic tanks.
  • Cleans a variety of discoloring agents such as hard water stains, rust and uric acid salts.
  • EPA Registration Number: 8155-6-11547.
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