High Pressure Washer Concentrate

Pressure Washer Solvent

If you need a cleaning agent that packs a wallop when it comes to filth, get HIGH PRESSURE WASHER CONCENTRATE from Share. It contains no acids, ammonias, or any aliphatic or aromatic solvents, but when it's applied with a high pressure washer to grime, grease and baked-on carbon it goes to work immediately. HIGH PRESSURE WASHER CONCENTRATE breaks down and loosens tough dirt deposits from most hard surfaces including asphalt tile, rubber, vinyl, terrazzo, concrete, magnesite, plastic, brick and metals. For a mighty cleaning agent that's safe on almost any surface, get HIGH PRESSURE WASHER CONCENTRATE from Share.


  • Contains no naphtha, benzenes, carbon tetrachloride or other chlorinated solvents.
  • Made with a combination of low phosphate agents and special alkaline cleaners.
  • Formula is non-foaming, non-flammable, biodegradable and quickly activates in both cold and hard water.
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