BOBCAT - MORNING BREEZE [Non-Acid Bathroom Cleaner]

BOBCAT-MORNING BREEZE from Share Corporation is a thickened, foaming, non-acid hard surface cleaner that is primarily intended for use in rest rooms. BOBCAT is an acronym for Big Orange Bowl, Chrome and Tile cleaner, however you can use it on just about any surface you find in your rest rooms. Since BOBCAT-MORNING BREEZE contains no harsh chemicals or abrasives, it will not etch porcelain or pit fixtures nor will it harm PVC, metal or lead pipe plumbing. The highly effective foaming cleaners in BOBCAT-MORNING BREEZE remove common rest room soils, leaving surfaces spotless. BOBCAT-MORNING BREEZE eradicates odors with a highly effective “two punch combination”. First, the odor neutralizing “quats” in the formula eliminate foul odors and then they're replaced with a pleasant, fresh fragrance.

  • Safe to use on most hard surfaces.
  • Quickly removes most common rest room soils.
  • VOC compliant.
  • When used on highly reflective surfaces, rinse and polish to a high shine.
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