BLAST [High Volume Coil Cleaning Aerosol]

BLAST Coil Cleaner is an easy-to-use aerosol specifically developed to clean heating and cooling units without the hassles of tearing them down or moving them to the shop. Simply spray BLAST onto coils and fins and you're done. BLAST'S powerful spray stream and foaming action immediately lifts away dirt, lint, grease and grime that collects on components. By eliminating these types of soils, BLAST ensures that compressors and pumps won't labor under damaging stress. This keeps heating and cooling units operating at peak efficiency. Best of all, no water rinse or messy clean-up is required. The remaining residue that develops automatically washes away with the condensation that forms on fins and coils. Plus, BLAST quickly dries without leaving an oily film. Use BLAST to clean hard-to-reach parts on air conditioners, refrigeration units, heat exchange equipment, icemakers, heat pumps, etc. So keep heating and cooling units running at peak efficiency with a quick burst of Share's BLAST Coil Cleaner.



  • Powerful spray blasts dirt, grease, oil and dust away.
  • No rinsing required.
  • Fresh, clean scent, works fast and easy.
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