Concrete Cleaner & Etcher

Acid Cleaner & Etcher

Concrete, mortar, cement, brick and tile must all be properly sealed if these surfaces are expected to last an extensive length of time. However, before sealants or paints can be applied, these surfaces must be prepped. CONCRETE CLEANER & ETCHER from Share is your answer to prepping concrete and other similar materials. If you are not painting or sealing, use CONCRETE CLEANER & ETCHER to bleach and restore cement to its original state and retain a natural look. With just a little scrubbing, this powerful cleaner goes into action and fizzes away dirt, mold and other caked-on impurities. Remember, prep it before you seal it, with CONCRETE CLEANER & ETCHER from Share.


  • Optimal for use on industrial and institutional buildings, hotels, hospitals, churches, etc.
  • Economical to use with dilution rates of 1 part cleaner with up to 5 parts water.
  • Formulated with wetting and penetrating agents to quicken bleaching process.
  • Contains special inhibitors that protect metal parts from being damaged.
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