HDIC EXTRA FOAM [High Foam Multi-Purpose Cleaner]

When you need to wash away soils such as dirt, grease, oil, wax and other contaminants, get the versatile cleaner from Share - HDIC EXTRA FOAM. Developed specially for water-washable surfaces, it can be sprayed with a squirt bottle, wiped on with a cloth or swabbed onto surfaces. Agitation quickly produces large quantities of cleaning bubbles that allow you to use this cleaner on vertical, irregular and overhead surfaces. As the name might infer, HDIC EXTRA FOAM is a concentrated cleaner that can be diluted to properly adjust its strength for the task at hand. For a cleaner that can muscle its way through grime with a thick lather, get the cleaner that says it all - HDIC EXTRA FOAM from Share.


  • Contains a special mixture of penetrants, degreasers and foaming agents.
  • Not only cleans, but also deodorizes to leave surfaces smelling fresh.
  • Dilution rates can be adjusted for use on carpets, baking pans, vehicle surfaces, vinyl, dishes, bathroom surfaces and oven hoods.
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