Non-Acid Lime & Scale Remover

Non-Acid Descaler

The next time you want to remove lime and scale from metal surfaces, give scrubbing brushes the brush off. Share's NON-ACID LIME & SCALE REMOVER is the potent lime remover that safely extracts scale build-up without harming the underlying surface. Just sponge or mop it at full strength and within a few short minutes lime deposits begin to break-up and dissolve away. Simply finish the cleaning process with a quick, clean water rinse. No brushes or strenuous scrubbing is necessary. If thick scale and lime proves to be stubborn, leave NON-ACID LIME & SCALE REMOVER on surfaces over-night. If working with small equipment, soak parts in a solution bath. So try NON-ACID LIME & SCALE REMOVER from Share. It's strong enough to fight lime, yet gentle enough that it won't harm metal surfaces.


  • Perfect for use in water and sewage departments, shower rooms, swimming pools, industrial maintenance, restaurants, rest rooms, stadiums, schools, etc.
  • USDA approved for use with cleaning devices found in meat, poultry, shell egg grading and egg products inspection programs.
  • Contains no acid.
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