DYNASTY MICRO BC [Liquid Bacterial Surface Odor Controllant]

When water comes to a dead stop and starts to back up in your bathroom drain, it's time to invoke the power of DYNASTY MICRO BC from Share. Pour a small amount of it down your drain and you are actually depositing millions of tiny microbes in your pipes. Consisting of special bacteria, DYNASTY MICRO BC eats away at clogs by digesting organic material. It doesn't take long for blockages to clear out and water to freely pass through. Use DYNASTY MICRO BC in bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks, grease traps, bathtubs and all common drain lines. It also contains fragrances to eliminate any odors that may be released while clogged debris is being dislodged. For clearer drains that smell much better too, try DYNASTY MICRO BC from Share.


  • Formulated with a liquid suspension containing facultative aerobic and anaerobic bacteria cultures.
  • Also use to control odors which stem from organic waste residing on bathroom surfaces, soiled rugs, carpets and terrazzo.
  • Naturally breaks down organic waste into harmless carbon dioxide and water. 
  • A Designated Green Product means it is completely safe for the environment.
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Designated Green
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