Smokehouse Cleaner

Carbon Deposit Remover

When cutting and processing meat, work areas easily collect waste products. To eliminate baked on grease, fats and carbon deposits, use SMOKEHOUSE CLEANER, the foaming cleanser from Share. This concentrated cleaner can be diluted with water as recommended in the directions. When applied with foam generating equipment, the special formula in SMOKEHOUSE CLEANER creates a full lather that cuts through grease and grime in processing areas. The alkaline ingredients penetrate black carbon deposits to be easily flushed away with a clean water rinse. When a clean meat smoking room is at stake, use SMOKEHOUSE CLEANER from Share.


  • Dilution rates can be adjusted to compensate for the severity of your cleaning problems.
  • Clinging foam stays where it is sprayed including walls and ceilings.
  • Special ingredients dissolve, emulsify, suspend, saponify and peptize blood, protein matter, animal fats, tallow, carbohydrates, vegetable matter, and food soils.
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