Crystal Clear Pool Floc

Cationic Swimming Pool Flocculent

Share's CRYSTAL CLEAR POOL FLOC lets your pool sparkle to its full potential. Crystal clear water gives your pool a clean, healthy appeal alluring guests to swim and lounge by the swimming pool. CRYSTAL CLEAR POOL FLOC is designed to coagulate and floc suspended solids, clay, silt and sludge clearing your swimming pool water. This positively charged polymeric flocculent is specifically formulated to provide economical and fast clarification of swimming pool water. These solids will collect on the filter and at the bottom of the pool for easy removal by backwashing, when the filter pressure is high, or vacuuming.


  • Clears swimming pool water allowing pool to sparkle and shine.
  • Coagulates and flocs suspends solids, clay, silt and sludge.
  • Will not affect pH.
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Designated Green
Pool and Spa
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