POD FRESHENERS [Automatic Deodorizers]

The POD FRESHENERS series of air fresheners utilize advanced technology to provide the most effective, efficient and environmentally friendly deodorizing products available. Advanced engineering allow the POD FRESHENERS cover to hold twice as much fragrance as most other air fresheners which is gradually released over 30 days. When combined with the POD FRESHENER FAN BASE, the fragrance is constantly moved throughout the room eliminating the highs and lows of metered aerosol systems. POD FRESHENERS are 100% recyclable and VOC compliant. 


  • Designated Green, recyclable and VOC compliant.
  • Eliminates highs and lows of metered air fresheners.
  • Contains twice as much fragrance as most other air fresheners.
  • Easy to use - can be used with or without the fan base.
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Designated Green
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