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Tile & Grout Renovator

When you take a shower to remove all the dirt and debris from your body, the process is simple. You get wet, lather up, and rinse off. Wouldn't it be nice if cleaning the tile and grout in your shower were as easy? Now it is. TILE & GROUT from Share utilizes a clinging foam that does the dirty work for you. Simply "lather up" soiled surfaces by applying TILE & GROUT with a damp sponge or soft cloth and rinse away. Vertical surfaces are no longer a hassle because of the thick formula that keeps active cleaning ingredients on heavy deposits. A complex blend of phosphoric acid, penetrating and wetting agents produce a heavy duty cleaner that brightens even the dirtiest bathroom surfaces, yet is safe to use on decorative metals, porcelain, and ceramic fixtures. For a special job, you need a specialized product - TILE & GROUT from Share.


  • Biodegradable formula will not harm bacterial action in septic tanks.
  • Effectively removes lime deposits, rust, organic matter, and calcium and magnesium salts.
  • Safe for use on most bathroom surfaces, tiles, and metal fixtures.
  • Deodorizes as it cleans, leaving behind a refreshing mint fragrance.
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