SURE CLEAN [Hard Surface Spray Cleaner]

SURE CLEAN instant foaming cleaner cleans all water washable surfaces without the need for scrubbing. Powerful activated foaming agents cling to surfaces and penetrate dirt, grease and stains for easy removal. If a surface needs to be cleaned, chances are SURE CLEAN can do the job. This foaming cleaner is strong enough to clean stains and tub rings in bathrooms, yet it's mild enough to use on painted surfaces without harming the finish. This versatile cleaner works great on countertops, appliances, carpet, upholstery, and other washable surfaces. When you want a cleaner that can be used on virtually any surface, use SURE CLEAN from Share.


  • Easy-to-use aerosol foam sticks to vertical surfaces without running or dripping.
  • Fortified with special cleaning agents that are designed to work on greasy smudges without harming surfaces.
  • Fresh spearmint scent.
  • A VOC compliant general purpose aerosol cleaner.
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