Cling Type Bowl Cleaner

Low Acid Bowl Cleaner

Made with 9.5% hydrochloric acid, Share's CLING TYPE BOWL CLEANER is one of the most powerful and effective bowl cleaners on the market. This gel effectively clings to surfaces to ensure that its detergents and cleaners thoroughly remove stains and grime. CLING TYPE BOWL CLEANER is ideal for use under toilet bowl rims. It also removes lime, hard water deposits, uric acids salts and other common soils. When properly diluted, CLING TYPE BOWL CLEANER becomes a versatile cleaner safe to use on many surfaces including toilet bowls, urinals, shower walls, swimming pools, drinking fountains, bath tubs, wash basins and lavatories.

  • Can be used undiluted for certain cleaning purposes such as drain maintenance and rust removal.
  • Can be diluted to become a versatile cleaner.
  • Contains inhibited hydrochloric acid in combination with cleaners and detergents.
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