BLUE MAGIC [Automatic Bowl Cleaner]

BLUE MAGIC bowl cleaner is like one of those unsung heroes that does its job behind the scenes to make everything else look great. Fortunately, when you use BLUE MAGIC bowl cleaner, it is your toilet bowl that looks great. The biodegradable cleaning agents and concentrated surfactants clean, deodorize and protect bowls automatically with each flush. The cleaning agents are dispensed under the rim and in hard-to-reach areas while the surfactants leave a protective coating on the surface to keep stains from forming and reduce maintenance cleaning. BLUE MAGIC bowl cleaner is harmless to pets and children in the event of accidental consumption and is safe for use in septic tanks. To make your toilet bowls sparkle with just the snap of your fingers, try BLUE MAGIC bowl cleaner from Share.


  • Biodegradable formula contains no phosphates.
  • Blue color indicates when the magic is gone and another dispenser is needed.
  • Safe for use in septic tanks and will not harm children or pets.
  • Protects bowl surfaces as it cleans.
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Designated Green
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