LIQUI-GEM WASH [Concentrated Floor Cleaner]

The most important part of any floor care program, and often the most overlooked, is the removal of dirt, dust and other debris that can work its way into your floor's finish, causing premature dulling and fading. LIQUI-GEM WASH was specifically designed to be a safe and effective product to use on each of the Liqui-Gem finishes or any other water washable flooring. With LIQUI-GEM WASH concentrated floor cleaner, extending the life of your finish is as easy as mopping a floor. LIQUI-GEM WASH has a mild pH and is completely water soluble, so it will not haze or yellow your existing floor finishes. If accessibility to automatic machines is impossible, it is the ideal product for a mop and bucket. On the floor, LIQUI-GEM WASH suspends dirt and debris in solution. On the mop, it traps these scratch-producing contaminants, holding them until you wring them out into the bucket. This results in faster cleaning times, the removal of more scratch-producing matter and a brighter, shinier floor finish. Dirt and dulling debris will not just go away, you have to wash them away with LIQUI-GEM WASH.


  • Ideal for daily damp mopping of high-traffic areas.
  • Contains a blend of pH adjusters and wetting agents to remove scum and restore shine.
  • Improves wear and recoat properties of floors.
  • Enhances the brilliance of your floor's finish.
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