LIQUI-GEM REVITALIZE [Spray Buff Concentrate]

Are your floor finishes looking a little dull? Have floor tiles lost their shimmer? Before you spend an excessive amount of money on stripping and refinishing your floor, use Liqui-Gem REVITALIZE Spray Buff Maintainer. A ready-to-use spray, REVITALIZE provides three ways to economically restore your floor's original finish. First, REVITALIZE removes marks, stains and scuffs (no matter how dark they may be) with its special blend of detergents. Second, it contains the same cross-linked polymers found in Liqui-Gem EMERALD and SAPPHIRE finishes, so it restores a floor's "wet look" shine. It will not haze or yellow the existing finish like ordinary cleaners. Third, REVITALIZE acts as a topical protectant that resists harsh detergents as it protects against daily wear and tear. Restore the shimmer of precious stones to your finish with the regular use of Liqui-Gem REVITALIZE Spray Buff Maintainer.


  • An economical alternative to stripping and refinishing floors that have lost their lustrous shine.
  • Provides lubrication necessary for buffing pads.
  • Increases protection of the natural surface of your floors.
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Floor Care
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