BLOCKADE [Fluoropolymer Sealant]

Oil and water-based spills have met their match! Share's BLOCKADE invisible concrete protector with PTFE uses a high-tech, fluoropolymer coating that resists both oil and water-based spills. It won't discolor the surface, change the appearance, or turn yellow, making BLOCKADE a truly invisible product. The invisible protection prevents spill absorption and staining, keeping surfaces attractive and easy to clean, simply mop or wipe spill away. It will protect concrete and other porous surfaces such as stone, quarry tile, brick and mortar, grout and granite, and many more. BLOCKADE's protection will help keep surfaces looking new, adding years to the life of porous surfaces by reducing spalling, flaking, peeling, dusting, and discoloring. Finally, there is an invisible protector that does it all, BLOCKADE from Share.


  • Resist water and oil-based staining, keeping your concrete looking like new.
  • Reduces spalling, spalling, flaking, peeling, dusting, and discoloring, prolonging the life of the surface.
  • Invisible, won't change appearance of floors, making it suitable for use on decorative surfaces.
  • Low VOC, low odor formula for use indoors and outdoors.
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Floor Care
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