LIQUI-GEM MARQUISE CUT GEL [Baseboard Stripper Spray]

When it comes to removing the heavy wax or floor finish build-up from floor edges, baseboards and corners, nothing chisels into hard to reach areas like LIQUI-GEM MARQUISE CUT GEL. With this aerosol stripper you can quickly work those difficult to maintain baseboards down to their natural surfaces without scrubbing. Solid coats of detergent resistant, copolymer finishes quickly loosen and liquefy for easy removal. LIQUI-GEM MARQUISE CUT GEL baseboard stripper is easy to apply, too. The specially formulated gel possesses clinging qualities that allow the stripping agents time to penetrate vertical surfaces. The unique design of the dispenser allows you to spray directly onto baseboards while the can is inverted to make application a breeze. Use LIQUI-GEM MARQUISE CUT GEL baseboard stripper to dig into tight corners and remove years of build-up.


  • Fast stripping action removes heavy accumulations of wax and floor finish from corners, stairs, molding and baseboards.
  • Special inverted valve provides pinpoint accuracy for application in tight corners and on other hard to reach surfaces.
  • Clinging gel formula adheres to vertical surfaces.
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Floor Care
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