Dust Mop Treatment

Dust and Dirt Attractant

Share's DUST MOP TREATMENT uses special dust attracting agents to generate an electric charge in mops and rags as they are dragged across surfaces. This in turn draws dirt into dust cloths or mop strands and traps it there until it's shaken or rinsed away. When DUST MOP TREATMENT is sprayed and polished into furniture, it repels dust from settling on surfaces and leaves behind a pleasant lemon fragrance. Don't give dust the brush off. Attract it with electrostatic DUST MOP TREATMENT.

  • Convenient aerosol formula is VOC compliant.
  • Use on air filters and air conditioning filters to increase the efficiency of dust removal.
  • Ideal for use on cotton or synthetic mops and dust cloths.
  • Leaves behind no oily film on dusted surfaces.
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Floor Care
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