LIQUI-GEM DIAMOND [20% Solids Thermoplastic Floor Finish]

If you're looking for a floor finish that will both protect and shine, then Liqui-Gem DIAMOND High Performance Finish is what you need. This thermoplastic finish coats floors with an interlocking matrix of acrylic polymers that defies traffic while it reflects light with a fiery brilliance. DIAMOND is a slip-resistant, transparent finish that protects floors against scratches, black marks, detergent and water damage. The way it retains its remarkable "wet-look" gloss with only limited maintenance is just one of the reasons it is compared to fine cut diamonds. DIAMOND Floor Finish is also hard and durable, making it the ideal finish for floors that are subject to high traffic. Get a durable finish that resists scratches and shines with the fiery brilliance of precious stones. Get Liqui-Gem DIAMOND High Performance Finish.


  • Ideal for hospitals, schools, churches, hotels, restaurants, offices, etc.
  • Use on tile floors, marble, terrazzo, concrete, sealed wood and cork floors.
  • Contains 20% solids made of metal cross-linked acrylic polymers.
  • Effective when applied with a mop or lambs wool applicator.
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Floor Care
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