LIQUI-GEM EMERALD [16% Solids Acrylic Floor Finish]

Apply a protective shield that's as strong and beautiful as precious stones with Liqui-Gem EMERALD All-Purpose Floor Finish. Because of its outstanding blend of zinc cross-linked polymers, floors exhibit a high gloss shine that resists damaging nicks and streaks. Specially formulated for easy application, the polymers and co-polymers provide the strength necessary to endure the punishing effects of both high speed burnishers and spray buffers. If you use a mop, simply spread a thin, even coat over the entire floor. It dries quickly and completely in only 30 minutes. The self-leveling ingredients assure a smooth, even coat every time. This makes EMERALD especially efficient when you need to apply 3 or 4 coats in a matter of hours. To give floors a hard-as-rock finish that sparkles like faceted jewels, use Liqui-Gem EMERALD All-Purpose Floor Finish.


  • Highly resistant to scuffs, heel marks, scratches and detergents.
  • Ideal for maintenance schedules that include a buffing regimen.
  • Contains 16% solids made of zinc cross-linked polymers.
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Floor Care
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