LIQUI-GEM MARQUISE CUT [Wax Stripper Concentrate]

Chip away at old, faded layers of floor finish without spending hours on your hands and knees scrubbing. In only a few minutes the chemical power of Liqui-Gem MARQUISE CUT Floor Finish Stripper will cut away years of wax build-up and eliminate the bond between your floor's natural surface and the previous finish. This heavy duty stripper penetrates deep into the pores of your floor to unlock metal cross-linked finishes and remove stubborn polishes. In fact, MARQUISE CUT is so powerful it has the ability to cut through 12 coats of thermoplastic finish with only one application with a mop. While MARQUISE CUT will quickly cut through faded finishes, it will not eat away at vinyl or resilient tiles, nor will the low-odor formula overpower you with noxious ammonia fumes. When you need to get through tough build-up, there is no need to resort to a hammer and chisel. Cut through faded, dull finishes with Liqui-Gem MARQUISE CUT.


  • Contains a potent blend of suspending and rinse additives, detergents, ammonium salts, polymer penetrants and co-solvents in a concentrated liquid form.
  • Dissolves sealants and finishes within minutes!
  • Specifically designed for extracting aqueous floor finishes, including polymeric, synthetic and natural sealants.
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Floor Care
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