LIQUI-GEM SAPPHIRE [22% Solids Acrylic Floor Finish]

Cover your floors with Liqui-Gem SAPPHIRE High Solids Floor Finish and you'll get a jewelry store shine with high-tech protection. The interlocking matrix of the acrylic polymers combines with Liqui-Gem SETTING Sealer to give floors a reflective "wet look" finish that protects against black marks, scuffing and scratching. Two coats of this slip-resistant finish is all you'll need to seal and protect your floors. Fewer applications means fewer coats to strip, reducing time and labor required to refinish. If you do require more than two coats, SAPPHIRE's fast-drying formula reduces labor costs and building down-time. Another feature of SAPPHIRE is its ability to endure the rigorous action of high-speed burnishers without streaking or powdering. If you want a strong, protective finish with the dazzling shine of fine-cut jewels, coat your floors with Liqui-Gem SAPPHIRE High Solids Floor Finish.


  • Highly resistant to scuffs, heel marks, scratches and detergents.
  • Zinc cross-linked polymers create a resilient barrier against floor punishment.
  • Anti-Slip static coefficient of friction > 0.50.
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Floor Care
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