WINTERINSE [Deicing Salt Residue Remover]

Scatter salt on ice and you'll pay the price. Sure, you won't slip outside, but your floors and carpeting begin to accumulate an unattractive residue from the slushy film that's tracked in from shoes and boots in the winter. Clean floors with WINTERINSE, the extraordinary cleaning agent from Share. It is specifically developed for the removal of winter’s inevitable salty residue. Try to remove salt buildup with ordinary soaps and a thicker, pastier film develops making floors and carpets look even worse. WINTERINSE, on the other hand, will strip away this residue to bring back your carpet's full color and to restore the shiny finish on your floors. Winter is hard enough without the chalky footprints left behind on your carpet and floors. Erase chalky residue with WINTERINSE from Share.



  • Contains aqueous solutions of wetting agents and organic acids combined with highly active dispersants and penetrants.
  • For difficult deposits, this concentrated solution can be diluted up to one ounce per gallon of water and can sit for several minutes without harming floors and carpets.
  • Easy to apply with a mop or sponge.
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