Snow Pro [Siliconized Snowplow Coating Spray]

Prepare for winter with SNOW PRO silicone snowplow coating from Share. Simply spray this silicone based formulation on plow surfaces to repel wintertime menaces such as snow, slush and salt. SNOW PRO's special blend of lubricants prevent salt residue from adhering to surfaces and special rust inhibitors protect equipment from rust and corrosion. This makes SNOW PRO great to use on all of your salting and snow removal equipment even before the winter season begins. Use SNOW PRO in conjunction with Share's bulk Siliconized Snow Plow Coating to create your own winter equipment protection program. So the next time winter blows into town reach for SNOW PRO from Share.



  • Use as a release coating for salt equipment.
  • Helps lubricate critcal control points and hinges on plows, prevents the freezing of lock mechanisms, and also lubricates rubber door and window seals.
  • Use as a release coating for road signs to prevent snow from sticking to signs and obstructing driver's vision.
  • Can also be used on commercial lawn mower decks to repel dirt and grass clippings.
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