Pellet Deicer

Calcium Chloride Ice & Snow Melt

PELLET DEICER from Share is 22 times more powerful than ordinary rock salt. Its secret formulation is designed to react on contact with moisture in temperatures as low as -50°F, without affecting other surrounding surfaces. Toss a handful of these special exothermic pellets on concrete, cement, asphalt and brick, and watch as dense, impenetrable ice is broken down and rendered into harmless slush. Don't let hazardous ice and snow slip you up. Use PELLET DEICER!



  • Prevents re-freezing on deiced surfaces.
  • Leaves no white residue, preventing any tracking on indoor floors.
  • Also effective in eaves and drain spouts.
  • Harmless to lawns, vegetation, shoes, tires, car finishes and pavement.
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