Windshield Deicer

Windshield Deicer Spray

Share's WINDSHIELD DEICER eliminates painstaking time outside in sub-zero temperatures scraping vehicle windshields. This special aerosol is designed to instantly lower the freezing point of water and quickly melt away snow, ice, and frost without refreezing onto the windshield. Since WINDSHIELD DEICER is safe for use on all vehicular surfaces, liberally apply to mirrors, locks, hinges, headlights, and door handles without worry. Another benefit of using WINDSHIELD DEICER is that when used on inside windows it eliminates fogging. So the next time you find yourself frozen out in the cold use Share's WINDSHIELD DEICER to melt away the elements.



  • Concentrated ingredients assure the fastest penetration and melting of ice and snow.
  • Sprays up to several feet for reaching high bus and truck windows.
  • Quickly clears obstructed windows to keep vehicles in the safest operating condition.
  • Prevents fogging on windows and mirrors.
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