Liquid Ice Melt

Ice Melt Compound

LIQUID ICE MELT is an incredible ice removal agent that is fast acting and simple to use. It is manufactured as a liquid, making application very easy. Just spray, sprinkle or pour LIQUID ICE MELT onto outdoor surfaces and its special blend of alcohols, wetting agents and glycols immediately begin to thaw frost, snow and ice accumulations. While safe enough to use on concrete and asphalt, these same ingredients are strong enough to protect a variety of surfaces by preventing further ice buildup. So before the effects of winter cause any damaging breaks, breakup ice and snow with LIQUID ICE MELT from Share.



  • Non-corrosive and leaves no residue that can be tracked indoors.
  • Fast chemical action generates no heat.
  • Apply to sand to help prevent freezing and caking.
  • Will not harm surrounding vegetation.
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