Snow & Ice Inhibitor

Concentrated Glycol Blend

Remove ice from your outdoor surfaces and keep it off with Share's SNOW & ICE INHIBITOR. Originally formulated to prevent ice formation on aircraft, it is now available for use on stairs, sidewalks, driveways, bridges, ramps and loading docks where snow and ice pose a safety hazard. SNOW & ICE INHIBITOR is a fast acting deicing fluid that can be used in the coldest temperatures - even as low as -50°F! Special wetting agents allow it to spread more evenly across surfaces to provide better deicing action with less runoff. SNOW & ICE INHIBITOR is extremely safe on nearly all materials, too. It won't corrode metal, soften plastics or rubber and will not harm most painted surfaces. Safe, convenient and effective, SNOW & ICE INHIBITOR from Share makes your outdoor ice problems melt away.



  • Made with a proven blend of glycol.
  • Can be applied by spraying, mopping, swabbing or brushing.
  • Use as an antifreeze for locks, chains, hinges, linkages, control boxes, coal conveyors, water mains, fire hydrants, rain gutters and downspouts.
  • Inhibits buildup of ice, frost and snow to -50
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