Thermo Thaw [Environmentally Safe Ice Melter]

THERMO THAW from Share effectively and efficiently removes ice and snow. First, this superior ice melter ensures safer sidewalks and streets by relying on the active ingredient sodium chloride to quickly dissolve snow and ice on contact. Secondly, THERMO THAW is formulated with special environmentally safe ingredients which won't harm trees, lawns, shrubs and bushes. As another added benefit, THERMO THAW is safe on carpets and floors as it does not leave behind any white, chalky residue that can be tracked into buildings. Lastly you'll save on your budget since THERMO THAW is Share's most economical ice melter available. Manufactured as tiny granules, simply apply with a spreader or scatter by hand while wearing gloves.Don't let slick winter weather pose a threat on your streets and sidewalks. Let Share provide you with a safe weapon against snow and ice with THERMO THAW.



  • Effective to -5
  • Safe for trees, lawns, shrubs, and bushes.
  • Leaves no white residue, preventing any tracking on indoor floors.
  • Designed for use on asphalt and concrete roads, sidewalks, loading docks, steps, etc.
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