Ice Melter

Granular All-Temperature Ice Melter

ICE MELTER dissolves snow and ice in a matter of minutes, even when temperatures dip below zero. Simply distribute ICE MELTER evenly on concrete and asphalt with a spreader or by hand. The non-caustic formula will not harm skin or irritate bare hands. Unlike the rest of the competition, ICE MELTER does not leave behind a chalky residue that can be tracked onto floors and carpets. The fluorescent green pellets dissolve quickly and eliminate over application. When you need to remove ice quickly, efficiently and safely, get ICE MELTER from Share.



  • Effective to -5
  • Prevents re-freezing on deiced surfaces.
  • Leaves no white residue, preventing any tracking on indoor floors.
  • Safe for trees, lawns, shrubs, and bushes.
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