Windshield Washer & Deicer Concentrate

Windshield Washer Solvent

With whistling blizzards and sub-zero temperatures, it's easy to see how winter can create havoc with your vehicle - especially your windshield. At least not until Share developed their WINDSHIELD WASHER & DEICER CONCENTRATE. It's a concentrated combination of deicer and detergent in one easy to use product. Simply apply it on your windshield and watch as ice and snow break-up and melt away giving you greater visibility for safer driving. Used at full strength, WINDSHIELD WASHER & DEICER CONCENTRATE's special methyl alcohol makeup works in temperatures as low as -60°F. Dilute WINDSHIELD WASHER & DEICER CONCENTRATE to make a great windshield wash that's still effective at deicing in moderate temperatures. WINDSHIELD WASHER & DEICER CONCENTRATE is clearly the best, when the weather is at its worst.



  • Uses include squad cars, fire trucks, ambulances, plows, buses, garbage trucks, etc.
  • Recommended dilution rates perform in below freezing temperatures.
  • Once windshield is deiced, prevents additional ice buildup.
  • Use in all temperatures.
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