RYBS [Aerosol Extreme Temperature & Pressure Lubricant]

Metal parts won't corrode or lock when you coat them with RYBS from Share Corporation. This clinging lubricant contains moly, graphite and aluminum to prevent parts from seizing and galling when operating under intense heat and pressure. RYBS has been proven in temperatures ranging from -20°F to 2,000°F. When sprayed onto threaded components, RYBS provides a lubricating film between parts that prevents corrosion and seizing. It's an excellent general purpose lubricant for metal to metal contacts such as hinges and seals around boiler inspection ports. RYBS contains no chlorinated or fluorinated solvents. 


  • Resists moisture, weather, steam, chemical fumes and salt spray.
  • Clings to prevent metal surfaces from seizing and galling at temperatures ranging from -20 F to 2,000 F.
  • No mess clinging formula is designed for use on pipe and hose connections, gaskets and all other types of threaded fasteners.
  • Convenient aerosol dispenser quickly saturates the application area with product.
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